Tips to Rank on Google and other search engines

3 things your site needs to rank on Google

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Back in the 90s and even early 2000's all you needed to be on the front page of Google was just a lot of keywords and content.

Even a lot of views to your page would boost it, but now in 2023, it's really not that easy. Here's what Google is looking for:

1. Engagement/interest


This is the most important of all the rest which is why I mentioned it first. Google now goes by how long a visitor stays on your website. This tells Google that they are interested in what you have.

2. Keywords

seo keywords

As we all know, keywords are important, but where should they go is the question. In the old days, you could just list a lot of them on the bottom of your page and within the meta tags (HTML code), and boom, you are listed on Google. By not so easy today.

Now the keywords must fit nicely within the title tags and paragraph tags throughout the page where they make sense. Usually within the first two and last two paragraphs.

3. Naming Your Images

Naming Images and Adding An Alt Tag

This is very important if you want your images to show up. The thing is, the spiders (the software that search engines use to read your pages) do not see images.

So it's very important to both add alt images and to name the images correctly. The alt text is the HTML part, it looks like this
<img src="path/to/your/image.jpg" alt="Name of the image">

If you do not know how to do this, you can hire an expert who can help.

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